Kadu 0.12.3 for Windows 10


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Kadu is a popular instant messaging client which protocol ICQ and Jabber / XMPP for Linux, BSD, Mac OS X and includes features such as Windows.Program network support for XMPP (Jabber, GTalk, Facebook Chat, NKTalk, etc.), the ability to simultaneously use multiple accounts of different networks, a brand new plug chat history or the ability to use styles conversation with Adium. The new version works without problems on systems of Linux, BSD, Windows and Mac OS X. Despite this significant development, Kadu does not intend to join the club of overgrown multikomunikatorów. If you like Kadu for its simplicity and usability, you will find these qualities all the more in the latest edition. With a simple, but powerful configuration, Kadu can be both simple existing e-mail client, as well as extensive changes in Kadu multikomunikatorem.Najważniejsze 0.12 · history · new window · possibility of restoring the history of the history of the transfer to another installation in a new window Kadu · status · new window plugs · basic support for MUC · ability to disable synchronization with the roster for some friends